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Beyond the Medicine Video Series

Asia is a diverse region with each country facing its unique set of challenges. While science plays a crucial role, it alone cannot solve the public health challenges we are currently facing. This video series provides a glimpse into our work in Asia-Pacific region and our commitment to going beyond the medicine. Partnership to us means showing up for the communities, walking the walk alongside them and providing the support they need for their journeys.

Eliminating Hepatitis B in Asia-Pacific

As we work towards viral hepatitis elimination by 2030, we all know the fight to tackle this disease is a collaborative effort. Our mission is to transform people’s lives, one liver at a time. A collaboration between the World Hepatitis Alliance and Gilead Sciences, the Hep Can’t Wait Asia Workshop brought together participants from 11 countries representing 22 community organisations in Asia-Pacific to learn from each other and develop a shared vision to eliminate hepatitis. Following the workshop, a consensus statement was developed that serves as a roadmap to eliminating hepatitis in the region.

Reducing stigma and improving equity in the HIV space 

Stigma and discrimination remain key barriers to testing for HIV.  At Gilead, we partner with the local community partners to strengthen community education as we work towards ending the HIV epidemic, for everyone, everywhere. 60 community-based organizations and industry experts from across the Asia-Pacific region came together to connect and exchange ideas on reducing HIV-related stigma at the first-ever Gilead HIV-focused conference, Rainbow Academy 2023.

Strengthening our Commitment to Patient Centricity

Apart from advancing innovative treatment, we hope to support our patients by showing up for them in meaningful ways. Gilead Hong Kong joined community groups formed by breast cancer survivors and caregivers, Dragons Abreast Hong Kong and at the Gilead Hong Kong’s first dragon boat experience

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