Meeting with Indonesian National Narcotics Agency
Consultation Meeting on Emerging medications of Hepatitis B and HIV
In house training collaboration with Yayasan Pelita Ilmu
Development of Standards for Communicable Disease in Correctional Facilities
Hepatitis C antiviral drug stock-out occurs again in Indonesia
Hepatitis Can’t Wait Don’t Just Be A Slogan
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and its relation to Hepatitis B and C
National Hepatitis Elimination Profile : Indonesia
Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa 2022 Achievements (Screening services)
HIV,Hepatitis and STD Study Club & Screening in Manado
Indonesian Government starts administering HBV Antivirus to prevent transmission of Hepatitis B from mother to child
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter II, 2022
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter I, 2022
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter IV, 2021
National Guidelines for Medical Management of Liver Cancer in Adults (August 2022)
Acute Hepatitis in Children 2022 : updated article
Capacity Building Workshop on Treatment and Care of Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities Jakarta
TREAT Asia/Amfar policy brief : Expanded Access to Pediatric Dolutegravir
TREAT Asia/amfAR workshop for Hepatitis B
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter III, 2021
Webinar Post Pandemic : Emerging Hepatitis with Kimia Farma Diagnostika
WHO Searo : Hepatitis Day 2022 Webinar
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National Children’s Day 2022
Hepatitis Study club and screening: Bogor
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International Anti Drugs Day
2021 Community based Monitoring Result
Meeting with PKNI
Hepatitis C and HIV Screening in 2 Correctional Facilities – Bali
Focus Group Discussion with Indonesia PLHIV Network
Meeting with Hepatitis Working Team, Indonesian Ministry of Health
Beware of acute hepatitis in children
ToT: Training Event for Community Peer Educator Trainers.
Hepatitis C microelimination in Bali : Initial visit
What to know about each type of Hepatitis
WHO Publishes Covid-19 Self-Test Guide
WHO Recommends Two New Drugs to Treat COVID-19
List of COVID-19 Testing Network Laboratories
Update: Highest tariff for Rapid Antigen Covid-19 tests
Hepatitis B Tests on Labor Medical Examination
ITPC assessing report : the impact of Covid-19 on PLHIV
Q&A about Hepatitis C tests and medicines in Indonesia
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on access to health services for key populations and people living with HIV in Indonesia
World Hepatitis Day 2021
Hepatitis B and C coinfection
Community Discussion Regarding Access to Hepatitis Services and Co-infection
CHAI webinar speaker
Current RT-PCR test fee – August 2021
WHO Guideline recommendation from a research including Peduli Hati Bangsa
Covid-19 and Hepatitis B dan C Program Webinar – Result
Covid-19 and Hepatitis B dan C Program Webinar
Approval of two Hepatitis C treatments for children aged 3 years or older
ITPC’s Summary of Covid-19 Impact on HIV Health Access in Indonesia – 2020
Hepatitis B vaccine schedule for children
National Guidance for Hepatitis C Services
Hepatitis A-E Transmission information
Follow-up Meeting on Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment for inmates in Jakarta Region
Covid-19 control during Ramadhan month
Peer Educator Training – ITPC
Q&A Alcoholic Hepatitis
Can people with liver disease receive the Covid-19 vaccine?
World Cancer Day
National Disaster January 21
Annual Report 2020
Who will be eligible to get Covid-19 vaccine
University of Queensland/CSL vaccine fails
Bridging The Gaps concluded : Part 4 (Final)
Bridging The Gaps concluded : Part 3
Bridging The Gaps Concluded : Part 2
Bridging The Gaps concluded : Part 1
Scientists Who Discovered Hepatitis C Virus Awarded Nobel Prize
Webinar Towards Ending of AIDS 2030
Hepatitis Handbook 2020
Diet and nutrition for Hepatitis C patients.
Webinar with @jaringanindonesiapositif
Daclatasvir’s procurement timeline
Peduli Hati Bangsa is now a member of World Hepatitis Alliance
Daclatasvir is here…from petition to realization.
Jakarta Lockdown Guidelines
WHO SEARO Virtual Event for World Hepatitis Day 2020
Meeting to discuss Daclatasvir stock-out
Highest tariff limit for COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test.
The Importance of Vaccines for People with HIV
Our petition has been heard !
Hepatitis C Treatment in Indonesia
Dolutegravir has FDA Approval for Treating HIV in pediatrics.
Information on coronavirus and COVID-19 for people affected by Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
Q&A about COVID-19, HIV and antiretroviral in Indonesia
COVID-19 and Liver Disease
Improvement of survival rate on liver-related patients by Hepatitis-C treatment
Coalition of liver associations calls for simplifying Hepatitis C care
Hepatitis A plagued Depok City