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Capacity Building Workshop on Treatment and Care of Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities Jakarta

Director of Health Care and Rehabilitation, Mr. Pujo Harinto, stated that health services are one of the primary services in correctional facilities. For this reason, this workshop was organized to increase the competence of healthcare officers across all Indonesian correctional facilities. In line with that, dr. Imran Pambudi, M.P.H.M. as the Director of Communicable Disease…

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TREAT Asia/Amfar policy brief : Expanded Access to Pediatric Dolutegravir

In light of recent U.S. and European regulatory approvals of a dispersible version of pediatric DTG, amfAR’s TREAT Asia program recommends steps that national HIV programs and advocacy groups can take in order to secure access to this medicine as quickly as possible. Read the brief in full here. Source:

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TREAT Asia/amfAR workshop for Hepatitis B

On August 25-26, TREAT Asia / amfAR held a training workshop for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis B which was held in Bangkok, Thailand. On this occasion, Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa together with other organizations in Asia, including the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Nepal and Malaysia, participated in this workshop. The aims of this…

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HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter III, 2021

The following is the Report on the Progress of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infectious Diseases in the third quarter of 2021 released by the Ministry of Health.

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2021 Community based Monitoring Result

Report of the community led monitoring in 2021 as the our base for advocacy to improve HIV and Hepatitis C services this year. Access the report from this link: Thank you AmfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research for the chance and precious learning process and we hope to push for a better quality of…