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Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa attended World Hepatitis Summit 2024

The World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) 2024 takes place on April 9-11 in Lisbon, Portugal. The activity is organized by the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), and supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Health. The Summit featured more than 30 sessions, side meetings, plenaries and workshops, and was attended by…

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Fixed dose combination Hepatitis medicine is available.

Currently, anti-Hepatitis C virus medicines are available in the form of fixed dose combinations. The medicine is only taken once of 1 pill a day. Others, which is not a combination dose are available but only for 2 months. If you need testing and treatment for Hepatitis C, both in general population or in a…

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Global increase in deaths from viral hepatitis revealed in WHO report

By: The World Health Organization, 10 April 2024 According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 2024 Global Hepatitis Report, the number of lives lost due to viral hepatitis is increasing. The disease is the second leading infectious cause of death globally — with 1.3 million deaths per year, the same as tuberculosis, a top infectious…

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National Action Plan HIV-TB (2025-2029)

Correctional facilitiy inmates are a population that often has higher rates of Hepatitis and HIV-TB compared to the general population. This is caused by factors such as high levels of drug abuse, risky behavior and pre-existing health conditions. They are also members of the community being assisted will one day return to the community. Management…

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A link between diabetes and hepatitis C

by: Peduli Hati Bangsa team (May 2024) The hepatitis C virus (HCV) spreads through contact with blood. This can cause acute or chronic infections. If HCV becomes chronic, the infection can cause liver damage and the development of other conditions, including diabetes. Numerous studies show a correlation between HCV and diabetes. Up to 33% of…