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Protest Rally of Hepatitis C procurement

Jakarta, 29 May 2023 Through our Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) of Viral Hepatitis services, we found that since 2019 there have been several stockouts of Hepatitis C medicines. The most current one is the stock-out of Daclatasvir since early April 2023. Today, Peduli Hati Bangsa together with other community organizations carry out an action to ask…

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Meeting with Indonesian National Narcotics Agency

Peduli Hati Bangsa, together with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) had the opportunity to have a discussion with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN). We were received by: In 2021 WHO reported that the number of HBV has reached 296 million and HCV around 58 million, with 23-39% of the total new HCV cases being…

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Hepatitis Can’t Wait Don’t Just Be A Slogan

From the records of Peduli Hati Bangsa, delays in the procurement of Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) drugs to treat Hepatitis C have occurred several times: And currently the Daclatasvir stock out occurs from the end of March to August 2023. For patients who have already started, it is certainly not easy because generic drugs are…

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2021 Community based Monitoring Result

Report of the community led monitoring in 2021 as the our base for advocacy to improve HIV and Hepatitis C services this year. Access the report from this link: Thank you AmfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research for the chance and precious learning process and we hope to push for a better quality of…

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Hepatitis C and HIV Screening in 2 Correctional Facilities – Bali

On Tuesday-Thursday, May 10-12 2022, screening for Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV was carried out at the Class IIA Kerobokan Penitentiary (Lapas) and Class IIA Women’s Prison Denpasar (Bali) with a total of 1,326 inmates. The positivity rates for HCV were 2.94% and 2.49% for HIV. All those who are HCV positive will continue with…