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National Action Plan HIV-TB (2025-2029)

Correctional facilitiy inmates are a population that often has higher rates of Hepatitis and HIV-TB compared to the general population. This is caused by factors such as high levels of drug abuse, risky behavior and pre-existing health conditions. They are also members of the community being assisted will one day return to the community. Management of Hepatitis and HIV-TB in correctional institutions will have broad benefits for public health.

Realizing this, the Directorate General of Corrections, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has prepared a 5-year National Action Plan (RAN) (2025-2029) which allows for better planning and allocation of resources in the correctional environment. The Care for the Heart of the Nation Team took part as the Drafting Team for the two NAPs. It is hoped that this process can provide better input for improving the management of Hepatitis and HIV-TB for fellow inmates.

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