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Hepatitis Can’t Wait Don’t Just Be A Slogan

From the records of Peduli Hati Bangsa, delays in the procurement of Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) drugs to treat Hepatitis C have occurred several times:

  1. Juli 2019: Stock out Sofosbuvir (available on November 2019)
  2. Februari 2020: Stock out Daclatasvir (available Oktober 2020
  3. Juli 2022: Stock out Sofosbuvir (available September 2022)

And currently the Daclatasvir stock out occurs from the end of March to August 2023.

For patients who have already started, it is certainly not easy because generic drugs are not sold in Indonesia and are not covered by JKN, so there is a risk of resistance for those who stop using them.

For patients who have not started, the risk of developing the disease increases with time. In addition, this situation causes concern for patients to start treatment because the medicines are not always available.

The absence of continuity and good procurement planning will certainly affect the quality of life of people living with Hepatitis C.

Peduli Hati Bangsa demands an immediate improvement in the procurement of DAA drugs from the Government of Indonesia.