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Capacity Building Workshop on Treatment and Care of Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities Jakarta

Director of Health Care and Rehabilitation, Mr. Pujo Harinto, stated that health services are one of the primary services in correctional facilities. For this reason, this workshop was organized to increase the competence of healthcare officers across all Indonesian correctional facilities.

In line with that, dr. Imran Pambudi, M.P.H.M. as the Director of Communicable Disease Prevention and Control also emphasized the importance of prevention, routine screening as well as education on infectious diseases for inmates.

This activity was organized by the Directorate General of Correctional Facilities of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Peduli Hati Bangsa had the opportunity to share on Public Support in the National Policy for Control of Infectious Diseases, especially regarding Hepatitis. Other topics include the prevention of HIV, COVID-19, TB, health promotion, mental health services, food management, and hygiene, as well as sanitation.
Fulfilling healthcare for inmates means fulfilling the health right of all Indonesian citizens.