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Hepatitis C and HIV Screening in 2 Correctional Facilities – Bali

On Tuesday-Thursday, May 10-12 2022, screening for Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV was carried out at the Class IIA Kerobokan Penitentiary (Lapas) and Class IIA Women’s Prison Denpasar (Bali) with a total of 1,326 inmates. The positivity rates for HCV were 2.94% and 2.49% for HIV.

All those who are HCV positive will continue with a pre-therapy examination and continue with therapy using direct acting antiviral (DAA) starting next week. All who are HIV positive will be offered treatment with antiretrovirals (ARVs).

This activity is a mutual cooperation activity where everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

This activity is carried out with the support of:

  1. dr. Hetty Widiastuti and the Sub-Directorate Team for Special Health Care and Rehabilitation from Ditjenpas
  2. HIV and STI, Hepatitis and PISP Working Team, Ministry of Health RI
  3. Bali Provincial Health Office
  4. District Health Office. Badung
  5. Kerobokan IIA Prison clinical team
  6. Class IIA Denpasar Women’s Prison clinical team
  7. Prison helping hands
  8. Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS Kab. Badung
  9. UPTD Puskesmas Mengwi I (Puskemas : Public Health centers)
  10. UPTD Puskesmas Mengwi II
  11. UPTD Puskesmas Mengwi III
  12. UPTD Puskesmas Abiansemal I
  13. UPTD Puskesmas Abiansemal II
  14. UPTD Puskesmas Abiansemal III
  15. UPTD Puskesmas Abiansemal IV
  16. UPTD Puskesmas Kuta Selatan
  17. UPTD Puskesmas Kuta Utara
  18. UPTD Puskesmas Kuta I
  19. UPTD Puskesmas Kuta II
  20. UPTD Puskesmas Petang I
  21. UPTD Puskesmas Petang II
  22. Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
  23. Peduli Hati Bangsa Foundation
  24. Provincial General Hospital Sanglah Denpasar
  25. Bali Peduli Clinic
  26. Bali Provincial Health Laboratory