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Current RT-PCR test fee – August 2021

Based on CIRCULAR LETTER NUMBER: HK.02.02/I/2845/2021 CONCERNING THE HIGHEST RATE LIMIT FOR RESERVE TRANSCRIPTION POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION (RT-PCR) examination, the following is the highest Tariff Limit for the latest RT-PCR examination:

a. For RT-PCR examination in Java and Bali, Rp. 495.000,-
b. For RT-PCR examination outside Java and Bali, Rp. 525.000,-

Note: The highest tariff limit applies to people who carry out RT-PCR examinations at their own/independent request and does not apply to contact tracing activities or referrals for COVID-19 cases to hospitals whose implementation receives RT-PCR examination assistance from the government. or is part of the COVID-19 patient financing guarantee.

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