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Who will be eligible to get Covid-19 vaccine

Source: Decree of the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Number HK.02.02 / 4/1/2021 regarding Technical Guidelines for Vaccine Implementation in the Context of the 2019 Corona Virus Disease Pandemic (COVID-19)

* Specifically for Sinovac Vaccine based on PAPDI recommendations

Before COVID-19 vaccination, a person will be screened with the following questions:

  1. Have you been confirmed to have COVID-19?
  2. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?
  3. Have you had any symptoms of ARI such as cough / runny nose / shortness of breath in the last 7 days?
  4. Is there a family member who is in close contact / suspected / confirmed / is being treated for COVID-19?
  5. Do you have a history of severe allergies or experience symptoms of shortness of breath, swelling and redness after being vaccinated against COVID-19 before? (question for 2nd vaccination)
  6. Are you currently receiving long-term active therapy for blood disorders?
  7. Do you have heart disease (heart failure / coronary heart disease)?
  8. Do you suffer from Systemic Autoimmune Diseases (SLE / Lupus, Sjogren’s, vasculitis, and other autoimmune)?
  9. Do you have kidney disease? (chronic kidney disease / currently undergoing hemodialysis / peritoneal dialysis / kidney transplantation / nephrotic syndrome with corticosteroids)
  10. Do you suffer from Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease / Rhematoid Arthritis?
  11. Are you suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disease?
  12. Do you suffer from Autoimmune Hyperthyroid / hypothyroid disease?
  13. Do you have cancer, blood disorders, immunocompromise / immune deficiency, and are recipients of blood products / transfusions?
  14. Do you suffer from Diabetes Mellitus?
  15. Do you have HIV?
  16. Do you have lung disease (asthma, COPD, tuberculosis)?

If based on the measurement of the body temperature of the prospective vaccine recipient with a fever (≥ 37.5 degrees Celsius), vaccination is postponed until the patient has recovered and is proven not to have COVID-19 and is re-screened at the time of the next visit.

If based on blood pressure measurements the results are ≥140 / 90 then vaccination is not given.

If there is a Yes answer to any of the questions 1 – 13, then vaccination is not given.

For question number 14, patients with controlled type 2 diabetes and HbA1C below 58 mmol / mol or 7.5% can be vaccinated.

For question number 15, if you have HIV, ask for your CD4 cell count. If the CD4 cell is <200 or unknown then vaccination is not given.

If there is a Yes answer to any of the questions number 16, vaccination is postponed until the patient’s condition is well controlled. For TB patients in treatment, vaccinations can be given, at least after two weeks of receiving anti-tuberculosis drugs.

For other diseases that are not stated in this screening format, consult the treating physician.

Source: Prevention-dan-pengendalian-penyakit-nomor-hk0202412021

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