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Hepatitis A plagued Depok City

Nova Amelia, a ninth grade student of SMPN 20 Depok suddenly fainted while attending flag ceremony in the morning of Monday (11/11/2019). She went limp and her eyes looks yellow. But on that day, Nova was not the only one who fainted. At least there were 70 students fainted during flag ceremony.
The school was surprised on the incident. “Usually there is one or two student [heatstroke]. But this time is different, and that’s surprised us”, said the headmaster of SMPN 20 Depok, Komar Suparman to our journalist, Thursday (11/21/2019).
As soon as she knew, Aca Suryanah (38) – mother of Nova – brought her straightaway to the hospital to be examined on Monday afternoon. After a while, Nova was diagnosed with Hepatitis A and was required to be in isolation.

Nova laying down on the isolation ward for almost a week. On Tuesday (11/19/2019), Nova was discharge. Even so, Nova was not allowed to attend school by RSUD Depok’s doctor.

“Already home, Alhamdulillah, it’s not hurt anymore, it’s normal now. She starting to eat more”, said Aca. Meanwhile, many of the SMPN 20 Depok, also contracted the virus (Hepatitis A). According to the information, at least there were 56 other students were indicated with the same symptoms like Nova. A teacher from SMPN 20 Depok, Ariyanti (28) also infected by Hepatitis.

Symptoms of nausea and epigastric pain happened on November 3rd. She was positively identified (Hepatitis A) by November 7th after blood test. “That time, I am the only one who infected by Hepatitis, and I does not expect this much.”, said Ariyanti to Tirto reporter.


Two days after the students fainted incident, State owned medical clinic Rangkapan Jaya went to investigate. From the result of the investigation, the health workers found 56 students infected by Hepatitis. Several students show indication of Hepatitis with the symptoms of yellow eyes, fever, nausea, and epigastric pain. They were referenced by the State Medical Clinic to get a blood test. The health workers also interviewed workers from school canteen and checking the water source. In a week, Public Health Office of Depok City intervened. The officers took blood serum from 72 people and rectal swab from 4 food service workers. Public health officer also took water and drinking water sample from nearby.

It was not without reason, State Medical Clinic and Public Health Office worker checking the water supply. Hepatitis can spread through several medium. For Hepatitis type A and E, the virus can spread by food or water. For Hepatitis type B,C and d can spread through blood contact or bodily fluid with the infected person. But Komar (Headmaster), claimed they had keep the school enviroment clean. In fact SMPN 20 have the honor upon receiving Adiwiyata 2019 from Depok City Council for the school sanitation. “It means this school is clean, being recognized for the hygiene”, said Komar.

The head of State Medical Clinic Rangkapan Jaya Hambar, Pangesti, admitted still studying mass Hepatitis case in SMPN 20 Depok. Currently, samples and datas is being analyze at West Java Provincial Health Laboratory in Bandung. “The result should come in coming weeks, Insya Allah”, said Hambar.

Ministry of Health instruction for Depok.

Hepatitis A cases which infected dozen of students of SMPN 20 Depok City, urged Health Minister, Terawan Agus Putranto to speak up. He ordered Department of Health and local government to act on Hepatitis spreading prevention immediately. Based on the note recieved by the Health Minister, there are at least 70 infected people in Depok, 43 of whom originated from SMPN 20 Depok City. “There are two things, first is to prevent spreading of the disease, and second to act on the treatment.”, said Terawan on the President’s office , as reported on Antara.

Terawan added that the Health Ministry together with local government will take preventive and promotive action to environment around the schools and Depok city. State owned Medical Clinic on that area also will monitor patients and identify risk factors and source of transmission. Health institutions are also instructed to conduct surveys of students, teachers and community around school and their respective family to prevent further spreading of Hepatitis A.

Original article: Kronologi dan Bagaimana Hepatitis A Mewabah di Kota Depok

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