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Development of Standards for Communicable Disease in Correctional Facilities

by Caroline Thomas 12 April 2023 Today we had the opportunity to be part of the team for development of standards for communicable disease, especially HIV-TB, at the Technical Implementation Units for Correctional Facilities. Why is it important for us to be involved in HIV and TB issues? Despite the fact that most of the…

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Hepatitis C antiviral drug stock-out occurs again in Indonesia

Jakarta, 6 April 2023 World Hepatitis Day which is celebrated every July 28 has a theme for 2 consecutive years regarding bringing Hepatitis service access closer because Hepatitis cannot wait. Indonesia itself adopted this theme and in 2022 the Government launched the theme “Towards a Generation Free of Hepatitis”. This theme highlights the injustices caused…

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Indonesian Government starts administering HBV Antivirus to prevent transmission of Hepatitis B from mother to child

Date: January 11, 2023 The Indonesian government will pilot the administration of HBV antivirals to pregnant women to prevent transmission of the hepatitis B virus from mother to child. Hepatitis B transmission from infected mothers to children is one of the causes of the high prevalence of hepatitis B in Indonesia. Based on 2013 Basic…

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Acute Hepatitis in Children 2022 : updated article

From October 2021 to February 2022, nine children, all at the Children’s of Alabama hospital, were identified with severe hepatitis of unknown origin. All were previously healthy and the CDC was notified in November. On 31 March 2022, Public Health Scotland (PHS) were notified of five children aged three-to-five-years that were diagnosed with severe hepatitis…

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TREAT Asia/Amfar policy brief : Expanded Access to Pediatric Dolutegravir

In light of recent U.S. and European regulatory approvals of a dispersible version of pediatric DTG, amfAR’s TREAT Asia program recommends steps that national HIV programs and advocacy groups can take in order to secure access to this medicine as quickly as possible. Read the brief in full here. Source: