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International Anti Drugs Day

June 26 is celebrated every year as International Anti-Drug Day. The use of Narcotics, Alcohol, Psychotropics, and other Addictive Substances (drugs) not only has a legal impact, but also has an impact on health, including liver health such as Hepatitis. What programs are provided by the Government for Hepatitis problems? Also know the types of…

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2021 Community based Monitoring Result

Report of the community led monitoring in 2021 as the our base for advocacy to improve HIV and Hepatitis C services this year. Access the report from this link: Thank you AmfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research for the chance and precious learning process and we hope to push for a better quality of…

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Meeting with PKNI

On June 2, 2022, we had a discussion with the Indonesian Drug User Network. The challenges faced are far more complex than access to HIV and Hepatitis services. In the field, rights violations still occur, for example, when a person presumed to be a drug user/dealer was arrested, that person will be beaten by an…

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Hepatitis C and HIV Screening in 2 Correctional Facilities – Bali

On Tuesday-Thursday, May 10-12 2022, screening for Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV was carried out at the Class IIA Kerobokan Penitentiary (Lapas) and Class IIA Women’s Prison Denpasar (Bali) with a total of 1,326 inmates. The positivity rates for HCV were 2.94% and 2.49% for HIV. All those who are HCV positive will continue with…

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Meeting with Hepatitis Working Team, Indonesian Ministry of Health

Tuesday, 10 May 2022 Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa attended a meeting with Hepatitis Working Team of the Indonesian Ministry of Health to evaluate our 2021 work and to present the 2022 workplan, including some collaborative work with us. On this opportunity, we also discuss few challenges in the Hepatitis services that we recorded through last…