Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa attended World Hepatitis Summit 2024
Fixed dose combination Hepatitis medicine is available.
Global increase in deaths from viral hepatitis revealed in WHO report
National Action Plan HIV-TB (2025-2029)
A link between diabetes and hepatitis C
WHO publishes a new guideline for hepatitis B
Implementation guidelines for Community-led monitoring (CLM) of hepatitis B and C services in Indonesia
Coordination meeting with several correctional facilities
Hepatitis and it’s vaccines
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Overview
Hepatitis on pregnant women
Prodia Laboratory Special Discount
International Testing Week 2023
Health Workers Capacity Building for Hepatitis B Microelimination from mother to child in the Sikka Regency, NTT
Fatty Liver
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Vaksinasi Hepatitis B di Panti Vincentius Putra
Hepatitis B Study Club and Screening with National Narcotics Agency
Dipa Healthcare Entecavir Donation
Hepatitis C Genotype
Can adults with certain indications or medical<br>conditions receive the Hepatitis B vaccine?
Hepatitis C cure leads to gradual improvement of depression for people with HIV
Capacity Strengthening for 40 Correctional Facilities Officials in Communicable Disease Response.
World Hepatitis Day 2023 Series
The Asia-Pacific Region Has the World’s Highest Burden of Hepatitis B
World Breastfeeding Week
Beyond the Medicine Video Series
Capacity Building with Yayasan Mutiara Maharani
Hep Can’t Wait Asia Workshop
Capacity Building for Drug User Community
The launching of CLM Asia website
Daclatasvir is available via emergency purchase
Protest Rally of Hepatitis C procurement
Meeting with Indonesian National Narcotics Agency
Consultation Meeting on Emerging medications of Hepatitis B and HIV
In house training collaboration with Yayasan Pelita Ilmu
Development of Standards for Communicable Disease in Correctional Facilities
Hepatitis C antiviral drug stock-out occurs again in Indonesia
Hepatitis Can’t Wait Don’t Just Be A Slogan
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and its relation to Hepatitis B and C
National Hepatitis Elimination Profile : Indonesia
Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa 2022 Achievements (Screening services)
HIV,Hepatitis and STD Study Club & Screening in Manado
Indonesian Government starts administering HBV Antivirus to prevent transmission of Hepatitis B from mother to child
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter II, 2022
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter I, 2022
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter IV, 2021
National Guidelines for Medical Management of Liver Cancer in Adults (August 2022)
Acute Hepatitis in Children 2022 : updated article
Capacity Building Workshop on Treatment and Care of Infectious Diseases in Correctional Facilities Jakarta
TREAT Asia/Amfar policy brief : Expanded Access to Pediatric Dolutegravir
TREAT Asia/amfAR workshop for Hepatitis B
HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Progress Report-Quarter III, 2021
Webinar Post Pandemic : Emerging Hepatitis with Kimia Farma Diagnostika
WHO Searo : Hepatitis Day 2022 Webinar
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National Children’s Day 2022
Hepatitis Study club and screening: Bogor
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International Anti Drugs Day
2021 Community based Monitoring Result
Meeting with PKNI
Hepatitis C and HIV Screening in 2 Correctional Facilities – Bali
Focus Group Discussion with Indonesia PLHIV Network
Meeting with Hepatitis Working Team, Indonesian Ministry of Health
Beware of acute hepatitis in children
ToT: Training Event for Community Peer Educator Trainers.
Hepatitis C microelimination in Bali : Initial visit
What to know about each type of Hepatitis
WHO Publishes Covid-19 Self-Test Guide
WHO Recommends Two New Drugs to Treat COVID-19
List of COVID-19 Testing Network Laboratories
Update: Highest tariff for Rapid Antigen Covid-19 tests
Hepatitis B Tests on Labor Medical Examination
ITPC assessing report : the impact of Covid-19 on PLHIV
Q&A about Hepatitis C tests and medicines in Indonesia
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on access to health services for key populations and people living with HIV in Indonesia
World Hepatitis Day 2021
Hepatitis B and C coinfection
Community Discussion Regarding Access to Hepatitis Services and Co-infection
CHAI webinar speaker
Current RT-PCR test fee – August 2021
WHO Guideline recommendation from a research including Peduli Hati Bangsa
Covid-19 and Hepatitis B dan C Program Webinar – Result
Covid-19 and Hepatitis B dan C Program Webinar
Approval of two Hepatitis C treatments for children aged 3 years or older
ITPC’s Summary of Covid-19 Impact on HIV Health Access in Indonesia – 2020
Hepatitis B vaccine schedule for children
National Guidance for Hepatitis C Services
Hepatitis A-E Transmission information
Follow-up Meeting on Hepatitis C Screening and Treatment for inmates in Jakarta Region
Covid-19 control during Ramadhan month
Peer Educator Training – ITPC
Q&A Alcoholic Hepatitis
Can people with liver disease receive the Covid-19 vaccine?
World Cancer Day
National Disaster January 21
Annual Report 2020
Who will be eligible to get Covid-19 vaccine
University of Queensland/CSL vaccine fails
Bridging The Gaps concluded : Part 4 (Final)
Bridging The Gaps concluded : Part 3