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Hepatitis B Study Club and Screening with National Narcotics Agency

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia, through the Post-Rehabilitation Directorate, Deputy for Rehabilitation of the BNN, held a Study Club and Hepatitis B and C Screening in collaboration with the Peduli Hati Bangsa Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), located at the Institution Recipient of Compulsory Reporting (IPWL) Building, Cawang , East Jakarta, Monday (23/10).

BNN Deputy for Rehabilitation, Dra. Riza Sarasvita, M.Sc., MHS., Ph.D, in his speech welcomed this event because the activity was a meeting of the advanced development recovery group as part of the post-rehabilitation program which was first carried out by IPWL BNN. IPWL implements sustainable rehabilitation services, namely post-rehabilitation activities.

“We hope that this meeting will continue so that it can be attended not only by those who abuse to maintain recovery but also to provide a lot of knowledge related to health, as well as to make parents and families a productive group and support for recovery itself,” said the Deputy.

On the same event, the Director of Post-Rehabilitation at BNN, Dr.dr. Farid Amansyah, Sp.PD, said that the Hepatitis B and C Study Club and Screening activities in collaboration with the Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa and the Ministry of Health were important activities related to the hepatitis B and C viruses which attack the liver and cause liver function failure and how to overcome them. .

“Liver failure is quite common in Indonesia, which is caused by ignorance of lifestyle which results in contracting the hepatitis B and C viruses which are transmitted through the blood. “Therefore, this activity was carried out to provide an understanding to families and rehabilitation clients of the importance of Hepatitis B and C screening, especially for families who are drug users or are still in the rehabilitation stage,” said the Director.

Claudius N. Mone Iye, who is Chair of the Management Board of the Peduli Hati Bangsa Foundation, said that the Peduli Hati Bangsa Foundation is a non-profit organization from and for people living and affected by the Hepatitis and HIV viruses, with the aim of increasing awareness, educating and increasing access to the general public about the diagnosis and treatment options available in Indonesia through advocacy programs and evidence-based information, for Hepatitis and HIV viruses.

“Today’s activities with BNN aim to improve the quality of life of post-rehabilitation clients and also increase access to services by screening for hepatitis, with the hope that the next steps for treatment will be known,” said Claudius.

Lasmaria Marpaung, M.Kes, representing the Directorate General of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (P2PM), Indonesian Ministry of Health, explained that currently the Indonesian Ministry of Health is targeting the elimination of hepatitis B and C in Indonesia to be achieved by 2030 through a series of intervention activities involving community participation. .

“It is transmitted through contact with blood and body fluids and the majority of cases in Indonesia occur due to mother-to-child transmission. “Currently, the countermeasures carried out by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, including the provision of hepatitis B vaccine and medication for hepatitis C, are available in community health centers spread throughout Indonesia,” said Lasmaria.


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