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Hepatitis C microelimination in Bali : Initial visit

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, we had the opportunity to visit Kerobokan Correctional Facility, Bali to discuss the collaborative plan for the elimination of Hepatitis C. Before starting the activity, we would like to introduce our team to the team at the facility clinic led by dr. Hartawan

On the same occasion, we were invited to tour the Kerobokan Correctional Facility.

As can be seen, the fellow inmates carry out many activities such as screen printing, painting studios, bakery businesses, etc. (a total of 17 business activities). In addition, the residence known as Wisma has a garden and a fish pond.

All these activities and the lives of fellow inmates are examples that most of the activities carried out by the general public can also be carried out inside.

Access to health services is important for the quality of life of Indonesian citizens, regardless of whether they are incarcerated or not. Therefore, access to services for the diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis C is also expected to improve the quality of life of fellow inmates.