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Peduli Hati Bangsa is now a member of World Hepatitis Alliance

September 28th, 2020

Being a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) offers our organisation a multitude of exclusive benefits. As part of the global movement fighting for a world free from viral hepatitis, our organisation’s profile will be elevated to an international level. WHA Official Relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) status boosts our credibility and recognition, helping to secure government attention and engage with WHO Regional and Country Offices. Members also influence the vision and leadership of the World Hepatitis Alliance with opportunities to nominate presidential candidates and regional patient representatives as well as share experiences to shape WHA’s strategic direction.

Being part of the largest global network of hepatitis patient organisations raises our profile, expands our network, enables us to influence the global hepatitis agenda and assists our
activities, overall helping us to make a bigger impact on the ground.

It is our wishes to be better in serving the community.

for Instagram link : IG-WHA-PEDULIHATI

for Facebook link : FB-WHA-PEDULIHATI

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