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Daclatasvir is here…from petition to realization.

25 September 2020

As an DAA agent treatment for Hepatitis C, Daclatasvir, has been out of stock since February 2020 as part of Government programme.

On September 15, 2020, Peduli Hati Bangsa, asked about the availability from an associate , but answered without exact date.

Not until September 24, we received news that the long awaited Daclatasvir is now available at the Ministry of Health’s warehouse, and soon to be distributed to provincial Health Office according to its allocation.

This is a big step for Peduli Hati Bangsa to be pro-active in its role as a representative of the communities in Indonesia and as an extension of health institutions from within the country and internationally

We hope that the availability of drugs can be sustainable, so that the goal of eliminating Hepatitis C can be realized.

Thank you for everyone involved in the long process of making this happen..

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