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WHO SEARO Virtual Event for World Hepatitis Day 2020

July 27, 2020

In this event, Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa, represented by Program Manager: Caroline Thomas, invited to be a webinar panelist hosted by WHO South-east Asia Regional Office (SEARO) to greet World Hepatitis Day, tomorrow, July 28, 2020.

This webinar, attended by heath expert and other healh organization who has ties with WHO.
Welcoming speech is given by Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama with the capacity as Ag. Director, Comunicable Diseases Department WHO SEARO

Opening speech by Regional Director of SEARO, Dr.Poonam Khetrapal Singh, which stresses to the importance of World Free Hepatitis by 2030. Other important mater is the release of new WHO Guidelines which compiled as a set of 17 modules for screening, diagnosis and treatement of Hepatitis B and C, conducted by WHO SEAORO and workshop partners.
The purpose of these modules is scale up diagnosis and treatement within region.

Moreover, Dr. Rakesh Aggarwal, as a member of South-east Asia Strategic and Technical Advisory Group points few factors Hepatitis Program challenges during Covid-19 pandemic in which related to provision of health services and factors related to people

Few points of these challenges :

  • Hepatitis Program opportunities during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Change public perception about health
    • Innovation in service delivery
    • Decentralization of service
    • Renewed focus on social determinant
  • Hepatitis Program special issues during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Risk of severe Covid 19 disease should not exceed that due to Hepatitis
    • No clear data that Hepatitis leads to increased severity of Covid-19
  • Hepatitis Program future during Covid-19 pandemic
    • Health system changes in the context of sustainability of drugs and supplies, staff and improve access.
    • Changes in the way we test.
    • changes in the way we treat.

In this moment also being presented a Prevention of Mother-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B Guidelines which will be officially published on July 28th. One of this guideline is WHO recommends incremental approach to prevention of HBV infection at birth and in the first years of life

After the presentation of PMTCT of Hepatitis B new guidelines, there is a panel discussion whose questions are answered by :

  • Dr Khin Pyone Kyi as President of Myanmar Liver Foundation
  • Dr S K Sarin as Director: Institue of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi
  • Mr. Giten Khwairakpam as Program Manager TREAT Asia/AMFAR
  • Ms. Caroline Thomas as Program Manager Yayasan Peduli Hati Bangsa Indonesia

At closing remarks, this panelists hoping for the better future and Hepatitis Free by 2030 even there are challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. They hope everyone can take a positive attitude to problem solving in this situation, for the sustainability of Hepatitis treatment services.

For videos regarding Caroline as panelist, please refer to :

For videos regarding part of the event please check out our e-library

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